What We Do

Sentinel specialises in customised security and risk management services for government, business and organisations operating in Timor-Leste.

We offer innovative and tailored security solutions to help you streamline your processes, manage risk and enhance operational efficiency.

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Static & Mobile Guarding

We offer security services tailored to your organisation and unique security requirements. Our flexible security solutions include security guards and gatehouse security, as well as mobile patrols to ensure a swift response to any potential concern.

Quick Response Force

In Timor-Leste’s ever-changing environment, the ability to respond quickly to potential concerns is essential. Sentinel has developed processes to provide immediate response across Timor-Leste. Our mobile security personnel are equipped with a range of equipment to allow them to communicate quickly and efficiently.

VIP Escorts & Transfers

Our secure transportation and VIP services extend across Timor-Leste. With an extensive fleet of vehicles, we can offer transfer services for individuals and large groups. Our services include secure airport shuttle, staff transport, VIP and escort services.

Personnel & Vehicle Tracking

When your people are operating in remote areas, you need a reliable way to keep track of their location and provide a response when required. Our innovative personnel and vehicle tracking systems can help you monitor your people and business assets across Timor-Leste.

Risk Assessments & Advice

Sentinel can review, design and implement security procedures to decrease your risk and manage identified concerns. We tailor innovative and practical strategies to deliver effective security solutions. Our local networks can also provide you with intelligence and incident reporting for your business to thrive.

Weekly Intelligence & Incident Reporting

Sentinel can help you make sense of what’s happening in Timor-Leste so you can formulate an appropriate response, when required. Our weekly intelligence and incident reporting is tailored to your organisation and provides updates on what you need to know to adapt to the changing environment.

Emergency Response & Business Continuity Planning

As risk management specialists, Sentinel can help you formulate an appropriate response when things don’t go as planned. By assessing potential threats and reviewing your existing risk management processes, we can devise a plan to keep your people safe and reduce the disruption to your business in the event of an emergency.

Medical Evacuation Handling

Medical repatriation is complex and requires the coordination of many elements to ensure people get the necessary medical help they need to recover. We can assist with arranging a medical evacuation of patients from Timor-Leste back to their home country or from remote parts of Timor-Leste to the capital.

We’re here to help

Sentinel is the leading provider of security and risk management services in Timor-Leste. With over 350 security personnel and staff, we can help you reduce risk while delivering proactive solutions to meet the unexpected.