Commencing at the start of August Sentinel security personnel proudly took up post for SACOM Group at their Cape Asu Inus site, Timor -Leste. Sentinel General Manager Paulo Passos said; “It has been a pleasure to transition our (Sentinel) security services across to the SACOM Group and we look forward to building a professional and long lasting relationship with our newest client. Sentinel provides comprehensive security solutions to address unique operational requirements of our clients to ensure optimal safety and security of their personnel and assets”.

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Sentinel COVID-19 2nd Vaccination

With the assistance of Maternity Hospital Fatumeta Clinic, Sentinel Security team members, lead by General Manager, Paulo Passos, were able to get their 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. With the remainder of our 200 staff members scheduled to receive their vaccination within the upcoming weeks. Sentinel is proud to be involved in stopping the spread and keeping all of our clients and staff safe during this pandemic.  

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Sentinel Team receives COVID-19 Vaccination

Today every Sentinel security team member received the 1st dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This was made possible with the support from the Minister of Health Dra Odete Viegas and the Crisis Management Centre. As always, we are very proud of our staff for their commitment to help stop the spread and mitigate the risk of further infection. Keeping our clients and our communities safe is our foremost priority.

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Sentinel Team assists evacuation efforts

Despite damage to their own properties and risks at home, every Sentinel team member remained on duty to ensure the safety and security of our clients during this critical time. Our team successfully evacuated several clients to safety. We are proud of our team and their bravery during these challenging times. Sending our thoughts to all impacted by the floods in Timor.  

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Sentinel Team participates in community blood drive

Usually when we tell clients that we will give them our blood, sweat and tears we are speaking figuratively! But today our incredible team joined our valued clients in doing just that. Thank you, Sentinel team, for your commitment to your community and the wonderful work of the Red Cross in Timor.

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Sentinel Security & RentLo Car Hire Staff Participate in International Day of Disaster Risk Activities

Sentinel employees, joined by our colleagues at Rentlo, have had a thoroughly enjoyable week participating in a number of events organised by the Timor-Leste’s State Secretary of Civil Protection, Eng. Joaquim Jose Gusmão dos Reis Martins. These events were staged to mark the International Day of Disaster Risk with the main activity being held at Bidau Santana on October 13. Earlier in the week, staff had participated in a number of community initiatives including the planting of mangroves for reforestation at Liquica, Ulumera, a fun walk from Government Palace to Cristo Rei and Red Cross Timor-Leste blood donation. The State secretary, Mr. Joaquin was very happy with Sentinel’s and Rentlo’s [...]

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Sentinel Group Fighting COVID-19

Sentinel Group is actively following medical advice to ensure that we are contributing to slowing the spread of COVID-19. Whilst millions of workers worldwide are working from home during these uncertain times, we are committed to delivering essential services to our clients and country. Our management team in conjunction with our QWHSE team have been monitoring health advice nationally and internationally to ensure we keep our clients, staff and guards safe. Our people remain our primary focus, and we are providing a sanitised workplace for those still required in the office and on site. Sentinel has implemented social distancing where appropriate, increased [...]

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