Sentinel is proud to announce it newly formed partnership with GIZ in support of their Youth for change project in Baucau, Timor-Leste. This venture commenced in early October after a competitive tender process, in which Sentinel was awarded as the preferred supplier of security services to the organisation.

GIZ has been operating in Timor-Leste since 1999, on behalf of the German Government, and has implemented projects in various fields across the country including the implementation of The Youth for Change (Y4C) project . This project is designed to work jointly with the State Secretariat for Youth and Sports to strengthen stakeholder engagement in the youth sector and young people with the main aim being to promote civic engagement, social cohesion, and violence prevention to local youths.

In support of this project Sentinel is providing GIZ with locally engaged security personnel who are suitably qualified and licensed to perform their daily duties. These duties include 24/7, security services to the GIZ project office in Baucau, through the provision of entry and egress control, passive surveillance, intruder detection and incident management.

Along with our current security operations in Baucau this new collaboration further enhances the Sentinel footprint in the region, allowing us to support our clients to maintain continuity of their operations by ensuring the safety and security of their staff and assets through the delivery of highly professional security services.

Above: Uniformed Sentinel guards at GIZ project site

Above: Training and Administration for the Y4C project